Valentine's Day Spinning Heart Diary



My school holidays started this weekend, but I had to make a vacation to make a test near where I live. Because it was not so far away, my dad decided that it was best that we took a bus and not a plane, so we had to be at 10 PM at the station. We got to be located on the upper part and the seats were very confortable if you weren't going to spend ten hours traveling - which we did. I woke up a lot of times, mainly to go to the bathroom and to move my legs, which was pretty annoying. read more


I've slept a lot this weekend, probably more than I should've. This past month I've been pretty busy with studying but somehow I've managed to acquire another obssesison. Nowadays I don't watch shows or anime anymore, just go full head on fanfiction and learn everything on Ao3. I guess this comes from my repulse for going to movie theathers, that horrible feeling of getting out of the mall at night when you got in when it was still sunny haunts me everytime. I simply love the freedom of One Piece. read more


I am sad today. And was yesterday, and the day before yesterday. I even cried. But then I saw the calendar and realized why-it is that time of the month. I also became aware of the reason for my sudden vicioness over chocolate and foul mood. I am still felling down, but at least I know the feellings are being intensified by hormones and that I`m not really this sensitive. I almost cried again in class because of a poem! Also, my mom came back from her trip and brought me a little statue of Boruto (is made of clay) and when I was oppening I thought it was a Saint. read more


I almost off-ed myself because of the literature page. First it was impossible to move the header image without cropping, the images weren't working, the bar didn't scroll, i had to save a million png's in a millon sites for it to work and the main wasn't centering the way it should. It was a ride to put it mildly. But I succeded! You can find the page in any navbar in anywhere and is also One Piece related.


I miss riding a bike. I has been several years since I had the chance to do so, after I moved on 2016 and outgrew my pink childhood one. I hadn't realized it until now how much it matters to me. I guess I just grew accustumed to not leaving home at all and not exercising. I'm looking to buy one, probably this month if things go as planned. I'm really excited! Recently I came around to read some manwhas and weebcomics on weebtoon as I did before. I forgot how entrentaining and emotional they could be so it's been cool to have this piece of nostalgia. If you're are interested, my favorite ones are: "The Remarried Empress", "Under the Oak Tree" and "Daytime Star". I'll probably add them on the Reviews Page, so you can check it out!


Recently I tried to play Mario on my old Nintendo but the game card don't works anymore. It was pirated but it had served me well in my early years with a compilation of various genres. Now I can only play Kirby. I've also stumbled across old shoujo animes that I watched in middle school so I guess that brought up a lot of good memories of that time. Also, tomorrow is Mother's Day where I live, so today I slept a lot which is a little strange since yesterday I collapsed on my bed at the afternoon. read more


This weekend i have one of the big tests of the year that i will be taking to enter uni. Because i switched schools and the one i am now is better in the way it prepare the students i feel confident that i can, at least, score decently. I cannot lie, being calm on the Big Day Week is a very stange situation. Until recently i would have been a pile of nerves. At the start of the classes, i feared i wouldn't adapt to the fast rhytm of the teachers and the too knowledgeable students, that i would trail behind. But until now i am doing alright. Sure, is a lot of work but is also stimulating so, yeah. I'm felling a lot better. I also uploaded the site when i could not stand to look at that dull layout anymore.


I almost fell asleep in class today. This week I've been going to school alone because my brother is sick and it has been weird so far. I came home so tired that I didn't have lunch, going straight to bed. My birthday is also coming soon (April 3rd) and I've been so busy that i didn't even realized before I received an early gift. It makes me a little sad thinking about it. When I was a kid I used to get so anxious counting the days to my birthday but now it's just like any other day.


I realized that making a site is more difficult than I imagined. Editing this is taking a lot of time, but it's my first time doing something like this so I forgive myself. I just have to manage my time so I don"t spend it so much here when i should be studying. Also, I'm gonna add a page for my pets (yay!). And talking about pets i upgraded my bird's cage today (I'll add a photo later) :)


Today i slept until late because I didn't have classes in the morning. I dreamed that i lived in a farm where I had the fastest horse of the city by my side. It was glorious riding along with him. It was good to dream again. Lately i've been so busy with school and waking up early that i didn't had the chance. tomorrow i have a mock exam and I'm a little nervous.



Here you'll find some entries to my digital diary that I post when i remember that this page exists. If you stay for a while, you may find more about myself and what is happening in my life at the moment.

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