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J o u r n al


This weekend i have one of the big tests of the year that i will be taking to enter uni. Because i switched schools and the one i am now is better in the way it prepare the students i feel confident that i can, at least, score decently. I cannot lie, being calm on the Big Day Week is a very stange situation. Until recently i would have been a pile of nerves. At the start of the classes, i feared i wouldn't adapt to the fast rhytm of the teachers and the too knowledgeable students, that i would trail behind. But until now i am doing alright. Sure, is a lot of work but is also stimulating so, yeah. I'm felling a lot better. I also uploaded the site when i could not stand to look at that dull layout anymore.


I almost fell asleep in class today. This week I've been going to school alone because my brother is sick and it has been weird so far. I came home so tired that I didn't have lunch, going straight to bed. My birthday is also coming soon (April 3rd) and I've been so busy that i didn't even realized before I received an early gift. It makes me a little sad thinking about it. When I was a kid I used to get so anxious counting the days to my birthday but now it's just like any other day.


I realized that making a site is more difficult than I imagined. Editing this is taking a lot of time, but it's my first time doing something like this so I forgive myself. I just have to manage my time so I don"t spend it so much here when i should be studying. Also, I'm gonna add a page for my pets (yay!). And talking about pets i upgraded my bird's cage today (I'll add a photo later) :)


Today i slept until late because I didn't have classes in the morning. I dreamed that i lived in a farm where I had the fastest horse of the city by my side. It was glorious riding along with him. It was good to dream again. Lately i've been so busy with school and waking up early that i didn't had the chance. tomorrow i have a mock exam and I'm a little nervous.